The next Series starts 6th June ‘24

10-11am @The Bournville Health Hub

Each session begins in a chair & depends on each of the practitioners whether the class is continued seated or standing (with/without the chair as an aid.)

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“The invitation is to listen to your body and lean into a sense of support and empowerment whilst being present with the sensations that arise.”

These classes offer a safe, supportive space.

They can help with

stress relief

pain management

joint care

balance confidence

enhance mental clarity & elevate mood

Foster community and friendships

What happens in a Yoga for chronic conditions class?

In each class;

Hands & feet awareness/attention

joint mobilisation

movement of the spine

breath awareness and meditation

Breath centric movement

A testimonial from Madhu a previous client:

Yoga and guided meditation classes with George at the West Heath centre had a positive impact on my health and well being as it provided me with much needed gentle calmness, peace of mind and relaxation after few very difficult and stressful years. George as a teacher has the required qualities, expertise and mastery to run these classes. Her Yoga routines were exactly what I needed and I was quite sad when the sessions ended. I truly believe these sessions are of great benefit to people who have gone through life changing illnesses like cancer. Thank you George for making me feel so welcome and making a huge difference to my mental and physical health and well being.


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The Bournville Health Hub

81 Maryvale Rd B30 2DP

How to book

Classes are booked as a 6 week series. New Series starts 11.04.24

£66 advance payment

or Drop in if there’s space £12.50
Submit the Registration form or alternatively phone/message George.