We are a not-for- profit Organisation in Birmingham UK, offering evidence based mindfulness movement, nervous system focused yoga and relaxation practices to those affected with long term health conditions.

Future plan: We aim to break down the barriers to accessing these services and widening our reach to those who are Carers.

We are here to offer supportive, sustainable yoga practices that develop emotional resilience & promote mental health. This is Whole Health delivered through accessible & friendly yoga practices among communities.


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George has been a teacher of the ‘slow & mindful kind’ yoga since 2016- you might recognise her from various Yoga Really Works events! 
📸 The Community Games @ Victoria Park 2022


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Are you here because you have cancer or on behalf of someone with cancer?

To launch 2023-Cancer Care Circle sessions are currently in south Birmingham, online and in hospital settings.

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Hi, This is a testimonial regarding my Free Cancer Yoga sessions with George Lane Gilbert.
The feeling I received was way above and beyond any Yoga sessions I have been to before. I felt so calm throughout the whole session. George was a very personable girl who accommodated me in all ways and I was able to access the yoga positions easily. I realised that due to my operations and chemotherapy what I usually did in my previous sessions prior to my illness did hinder my ability to practice in the usual way but George helped so much. I felt at peace during the sessions and after. Meeting other cancer sufferers was so beneficial as during the whole year of operations and chemotherapy I was not allowed to have anyone with me however these yoga sessions were a wonderful way of connecting with other people who were in a similar position.
Thank you George