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different people need different things at different times. Yoga for people affected with cancer and long term health conditions is to complement their prescribed health care.

It’s a practice of slow and mindful asana + pranayama + meditation which is a way to get to know yourself, and even rediscover your relationship with yourself. This is especially tricky with a prescribed healthcare and a changing body.

When your Yoga practice is breath centric then it’s a nervous system focused practise. This is slow,  mindful, creative, interoceptively focused exploration of the breathing process as you move in and out of the asanas (postures). 

This works to Improve toleration of feelings in the body and increase in inner awareness to

allow the participant to spend some time in stillness, resting and healing.

We have two potential states of being: the stressed state, ready to fight or run in which many of our body’s systems are shut down to prioritise those needed for survival. The other state is the rest, digest and heal state, in which all the necessary physical and emotional functions to digest our experiences and food and heal from any injuries takes place. So rest is vital for our health and well-being. The sleep we have each night helps our bodies to regenerate and heal.

Once we have rested, we can be more resilient to stressful things.

Go Slow Movement™️

Yoga is a powerful and effective practice that can assist in all these levels, working as it does with the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Go Slow Movement™️ is a unique model of asanas, breath work and guided relaxation to help people feel, and function better. Yoga can help in regulating the autonomic nervous system, calming body and mind so that people can cope better with their diagnosis and the treatments. It can also help to alleviate symptoms and side effects such as tiredness, pain, nausea, sleep problems and depression.

Yoga can be a gentle way to help people stay physically active, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle,

The emerging scientific evidence around Yoga for Cancer demonstrates some tangible benefits.

The vision

Yoga classes for cancer patients, survivors and with long term health conditions and caregivers. These are to be an accessible practice that welcomes people as they are. To share how this practice can help people connect with ourselves and help us to manage stress and our emotions, reconnect with their bodies and celebrate being human!

Yoga Nidra in a Cancer Setting

Can also be used as part of pain management and for insomnia.

It is believed that receiving Yoga Nidra helps us to drop out of the stressful state and back into the resting state. Many people fall asleep during Yoga Nidra, because at last their minds are able to relax and a sense of freedom: Muscles relax, breathing softens and there is a feeling of being at peace. This often leads to good sleep.

It is our ethos that the practice of yoga meets you where you are and you don’t need to be any ‘more’; you are enough.

To invite people to celebrate the joy in BE ing whilst navigating treatments, surgeries, life.

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